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Photo booths - Do you REALLY Need One?

So you're getting married, having a big birthday coming up, or just having a celebration with friends and family. There is SO MUCH to organise... From venues, food, DJ's and decoration, photo booth hire is usually way down the list of priorities!

We have been to enough wedding Fairs and spoken with enough people who often start off by saying, "Oh we aren't interested in having a photo booth..." Interestingly, we have actually booked several of these events after going through the pros and cons!

So, WHY do you need a photo booth?

Ok, maybe we're a little biased, but we think Photo Booths are awesome!

They not only provide a major piece of entertainment to your event, but they can actually give you some amazing pictures of friends and family. Because they are fun and relaxed, you generally get better pictures of people having fun and it can really show through people's personalities. It gives your guests an amazing keepsake of your evening and you get a guestbook with messages from your guests next to their pictures!

Depending on the company, you often get a digital album with all the full-sized pictures in too!

What we do...

Most Photo booths do the same job - they take pictures of guests, print out and you get the image.

However, the photo booth should be about the experience and not just the photo. This is where we focus - sure we use DSLR cameras in our open booths, professional Photo booth software, custom designed strips and screen etc, but we are always there... We love what we do and running a photo booth is not just a job to us. We have fun!

We engage with your guests and we enjoy it! If people aren't using it... we encourage them. We make sure people write in the book and get their print outs. We like to think we are different to most. We do not offer a load of different packages and options. We offer one, which includes everything!

We offer as standard:

  • Two attendants

  • Choice of photo booth style

  • 3 Hours Runtime

  • Personalised prints and screen based on your invite

  • Guest book for your images

  • Choice of 10 backdrops

  • Huge selection of props

  • Open photobooth with a record of 69 people in one photo

  • Prints per person per photo - so everyone gets one

  • Digital album of all the full sized images to download after the event

This in our opinion is the perfect package - 3 hours is just the right time - 2 hours is too short and 4 can be too long. We do offer shorter or longer times - but please contact us to discuss. We give prints to everyone in the picture - you don't want to share! Also it is your event, so we personalise the print so each guest gets to take away a piece of your event. We always have two people at every event, one to run the booth and one to run the guest book! This also means we can organise the props table, organise queues, encourage guests and engage with everyone!

We do offer some extra options, such as personalised guest books, keyring favours and a few other bits, but these are not needed unless you want some extra touches! We already provide more as standard than most.

So, Photo Booths - do you actually need one? We think... absolutely :)

We would love to be at you next event and we offer photo booth hire in Kent. We are based in Ramsgate and cover the surrounding area. So, please contact us to check our availability!

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