Social Media Pod

Let your customers advertise for you!

We all know social Media is huge. We all rely on Social Media for most of our marketing. We all need the exposure. Most of our advertising now is done by customers, whether leaving reviews or posts, pictures or videos. 

This is why we have launched our Social Media Pods by TK Studio. By having the automated Selfie Pods in high footfall areas of your venue your guests can take a Boomerang of them which instantly shares to them allowing them to post to Social Media. This means real time advertising of your event. No waiting for the pictures to be uploaded the next day. No need to worry about the venue looking quiet. This is ideal for any venue whether a nightclub, pub, bar, clothes shop, cafe, launch party, hair dressers, open days, or anyone who wants some more brand exposure!

Also, lets not forget that it is amazing fun for your guests and really adds to the entertainment of the evening! People will be advertising your brand throughout the event and after. 

With the Social Media Pod you can let your customise advertise for you!

With instant share via airdrop / text or email, your guests get a short video of their session complete with your logo.


They are optimised for Social Media and because they are a video, they are boosted on Social Network algorithms meaning more exposure to their network of contacts for your brand!


A picture is worth a thousand words - even more if you can add a custom message with each text and email!

Because the image can be emailed or text to the customer, this means you get one free email you can be sure the customer will read! This is your time to put a message, special offer or to highlight any events you may have coming up! 

You Love your Brand - lets share it

Our Social Media Pod screen is customisable and we will design something in keeping with your event. Colours, Logo, Font, images and anything else to seamlessly integrate with your event


Not only does the experience contain all the above benefits but we can also provide;

Data Capture - you can have a list of all phone numbers and email addresses the images have been shared to. Don't worry we have a consent page on the system for this to be shared that the user has to agree to

Survey - Want to know what the most popular drink is on a Tuesday night? Or what are your customers favourite colour? We can provide a multiple choice survey for all users to complete. 

Green Screens and backgrounds - If you want to totally take branding to beyond we can customise the backdrop with a digital logo wall, colour schemes or any other design you can think of!

Props - We have a huge selection of traditional Photo Booth props... which we can always add to give the event a different appeal

Permanent Installations (3 month minimum) - We can provide a wall mounted unit which you just switch on when you open and switch off when you close. We maintain it during the hire, including changing screens / print options / logos and themes. We will provide telephone support and if there is anything that cannot be resolved over the phone then one of us will be on hand to inspect!

To find out how we can help with your promotion and events, drop us a line below!

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